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Christmas ’72 Stories: (7) A Gentlemen’s Gentleman

Linebacker II was halted on 29 December 1972.  The North Vietnamese agreed to come back to the negotiations in Paris. Having enjoyed Christmas, Midway left Singapore and celebrated New Years Eve at sea on the way back to the Gulf … Continue reading

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Smokey- For love of the game

This post was originally done for Memorial Day 2012. It includes a link to  the eulogy to Smokey, read into the Congressional Record by another of  my VA-56 pals, and another of Smokey’s great friends, Max Carey. I have brought it … Continue reading

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Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines: Heroes & Relics

Believe that some good thing is possible, find the principle that makes it so, put the principle into practice, there you have it –  Freedom              Richard Bach As related in the previous two posts, Remembered Sky certainly flows from … Continue reading

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Story Telling

Richard Bach -“Paradise is a personal thing.” Once taken on, flying runs deeply and permanently in one’s blood, and I find that since I can’t “do” anymore, I need to remember and to “tell” and have some fun doing it. … Continue reading

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Remembered Sky: Gift of Wings

Throughout our lives we receive multiple gifts, many simply because we are loved. Whether private, commercial or military, aviators are given the gift of wings only if they earn the right and persist in a pursuit of perfecting the gift. … Continue reading

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Dangerous Sky – Combat Rescue: Part # 2 – Wolf FAC

Introductory note: Before  we tell Hippo’s story and complete the telling of the rescue of a downed Air Force Wild Weasel crew well inside North Vietnam in November 1972, I think it necessary to provide a short comment on how … Continue reading

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James Tiberius Kirk, Where Are You?

Ask any pilot, why or how they got into flying and you’ll find multiple answers, many will overlap but some will be unique, but all will be a personal thing long remembered.

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Sticks & Wires & Cloth

“An airplane is just a bunch of sticks and wires and cloth, a tool for learning about the sky and about what kind of person I am, when I fly.  An airplane stands for freedom, for joy, for the power … Continue reading

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